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Release and Consent

This release and consent (the “Consent”) is for the benefit of Phil Roberts Photography LLC, a Florida limited liability company, and its affiliates (collectively, “Phil Roberts Photography”).

By signing this Consent, I, the undersigned, hereby authorize Phil Roberts Photography to use my name, image, voice, statements, biographical information, photograph, video recordings, audio recordings, or other likenesses of myself (the “Materials”) in connection with Phil Roberts Photography’s marketing, advertising, and promotional activities and irrevocably consent to such uses.

I am providing this Consent without expectation of compensation or other consideration, now or in the future. I hereby authorize to Phil Roberts Photography to use the Materials.

This authorization and consent includes:


permission to interview, film, photograph, tape, or otherwise make a video or audio recording of me or my voice; permission to use my name;permission to use quotes from any interview, film, photographs, tapes, or reproductions of me, my likeness, or my voice, in part or in whole, in publications, newspapers, magazines, other print media, mailings, television, radio, theater, or electronic or internet media; permission to use Materials provided by me to Phil Roberts Photography for purposes including use under this Consent; and permission to summarize, expand, shorten, or put into conversational form any statements by me,  provided that the general sense and meaning of my statements is not changed.

I hereby waive all rights to inspect or approve any materials that include the Materials.

This Consent does not expire and may not be terminated, but I may decline giving future materials to Phil Roberts Photography at any time.

I hereby release Phil Roberts Photography from any liability related to the use, reproduction, transmission, and dissemination of the Materials.

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Signed by Phillip Roberts
Signed On: May 18, 2024

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