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Real Talk: Getting to Know Phil

Phillip Roberts is a devoted Christian, a loving husband and father of all boys, a dedicated and talented CEO of a large
tech firm, a life coach, a baseball coach, and an avid lover of travel, Italian and Mediterranean cooking, the beach, sports, cycling, hiking,  and
most of all, his family. Phil has owned several different businesses during his career, though none have given him the
fulfillment of God’s call quite like photography.

What started as a means to keep his focus on the game rather than his desire to coach from the sidelines, PRP has grown from hobby to a quite accomplished, published, trusted, and sought-after source for authentic photography experiences. Phil continuously improves his craft through education, certifications, and challenges. He very much enjoys the science and tech side of photography, making him more even valuable behind the lens.

Phil shoots with Nikon Z8 and Z9. 

The Phil Roberts Photography Team

The team at Phil Roberts Photography loves working with families, teams, coaches, businesses, realtors, and property owners to create authentic, inspiring shots, and moments frozen in time. Whether you’re looking for an exciting experience doing a sensational shoot, an awe-inspiring beautiful beach photo, the action-packed dive to start the heat or slide into home for the walk-off, Phil Roberts Photography captures the moment, not just the picture. We offer in-studio or on-location  shoots for family, commercial, sports, student pictures, and headshots.

PRP works with businesses, realtors, property owners, families, homeschool groups, schools, and teams from all over St. Johns, Flagler, Putnam, Duval, and Clay Counties. 

We edit and commercially-print most projects in-house, enabling control from start to finish. Our prints can withstand the test of time… up to 200 years! 

Our family works hard, prays hard, and plays hard together.

Mom, Veronica, is an author and adventure-enthusiast with a creative eye and knack for natural living. She’s often heard rattling off positive affirmations and life coaching mantra’s to cope with the fast-paced life we live. Her greatest joys are found in the exciting moments with her boys, discovering and exploring, overcoming and achieving. She is an incredible homeschooling boy Mom who loves God, family, and the great outdoors.
Veronica loves creating a fun, enjoyable environment for our clients. She earnestly enjoys hearing the vision of families, athletes, and businesses, and runs with it. There’s not much out of reach for a photo shoot with her on your side! 

The BEE Bros

Brendan, Elliott, and Evan are energetic little entrepreneurs. There is not much these boys don’t do. If it involves sports, water, music, engineering, food, family movie or game night, or laughs, they are in. 

Brendan is a baseball all-star. His favorite player, Derek Jeter, is also his mentor. Brendan strives to be a good leader who is situationally-aware and always ready to play. Off the field, he rocks it on guitars, keyboard, and drums, creating Christian and Soft Rock songs and music videos solo or with his bros as The Electric Lions. Additionally, he likes to create animations, like with legos, and board games to play with the family. He records podcasts and writes newsletters with his brothers for Christlike Kids, and is a gifted student already a year ahead in school. He hopes to play baseball for the University of Florida while pursuing a degree in engineering.

Elliott is a witty jokester, always ready with a riddle, joke, or anecdote. His creativity surpasses, as he enjoys authoring and illustrating comic books, acting in the school play and taking Improv Comedy classes, building intricate legos for animations, coding his own games and robots, coming up with new jokes, and challenging himself to draw new creations. Elliott plays baseball and the snare drum, and enjoys hiking, ziplining, and rock climbing, but his real passions are reading, and rocking “radical” moves at the skatepark on his ripstick or skateboard. Elliott is also a gifted student, and hopes to irradicate contagious viruses one day!

Evan, though the youngest of six boys, holds his own. He is a handsome little fireball of mischief. Also a rising baseball all-star, Evan enjoys robotics, coding, illustrating, and animating. He plays acoustic guitar and keyboards, but hopes big brothers will let him jam on the drums more as he matures. Evan loves anything sports and adventure. His favorite song is, “I Thank God’ by Maverick City Music. Evan loves Math, and is currently working on skipping a grade over the summer!

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