After months of trial and error with several (and then some) cameras, Phil settled on a Nikon Z8, but is an entrepreneur ever truly settled in to anything? Constantly striving for more and continuously reading articles, magazines, blogs, and watching videos to further his skill, Phil quickly went from photographer to videographer with a simple click and ding of a purchase. A new tool arrived days later, and within minutes of its arrival, the photographer extraordinaire had it set up and ready to rock.

Armed with an expertly and efficiently-crafted DJI Mini 4 Pro, and a clear blue setting, Phil’s photography business took to the sky. A new venture was born, and a new skill acquired. The drone has the innate ability to hover for upwards of thirty minutes and fly as far as 25 km and at a speed of almost 12mph. Operating with a lens and shutter speed similar to its on-ground counterpart, Phil discovered that the sky literally is the limit!

What was the artist’s first shot with the drone? He captured something beautiful for his wife! He took a wide panoramic of the sun setting over the water in his beautiful Florida neighborhood, after videoing above his own property for a few, testing the waters. The sky was a lightning storm of sun rays and clouds! The subtle winter chill apparent, with palm trees scatter as far as the drone could see!

He has used the drone on numerous occasions. Phil has flown the Pro Drone in a couple of different states, taking video and shots of various waterways and parks, displaying the magnitude of the Creator’s beauty! Phil Roberts used the drone in conjunction during photo shoots, with much success. What an amazing view and experience it created!

Heads up, Saint Augustine, there is a new eye in the sky!

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